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Advent Children Icons

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  • This community is dedicated to Final Fantasy VII : Advent Children graphics, and only that. Do not make graphical posts of anime or video game titles, including those from the FF7 game itself, or you will be asked to remove them.
  • Graphic requests are allowed if they fall within all the rules and pertain to FF7 : AC.
  • This is not an icon help community, so do not make posts asking for assistance in creating them.
  • No introduction posts unless they contain graphic content. Introduction posts without content will be deleted by mods without prior warning to the postee.
  • By posting your graphics in this community, you realize that they instantly become shareware. If you would like for members to comment and credit before taking anything, please be sure to state as such in your posts.
  • Arguing and rudeness between members in community posts is strictly forbidden, and will result in instant banning. If you have a problem, contact a mod first.
  • Posts that contain more than three icons or one friends-only banner must be put behind a lj-cut. Icon teasers must be no more than three. This rule will be strictly enforced at all times.
  • Any posts that are not within the rules will be allowed one warning comment from a moderator of the community. If the post in question is not editted or taken down within 24 hours, the mods will manually delete the offending post if they see fit.
  • The mods hold rights to ban repeat offenders if they so choose.


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